Research projects for 2024

"The latest stage in the geodynamic development of the Alpine-Himalayan and Pacific mobile belts" - Project of the GIN RAS No. 123032400059-3 for 2023-2027 in the State Assignment of the Program of state academies of sciences.

"Neotectonics and active tectonics of the northern part of Central Asia" - RSF project No. 22-17-00049 for 2022-2024.

"History of development and degradation of a giant late Pleistocene lake in Kamchatka" - RSF project No. 21-77-10102 for 2021-2024.

"Pliocene – Early Pleistocene restructuring of the structural pattern of the Arabian-Caucasian region and its influence on paleogeography, dynamics of biota, and dispersal routs of ancient humans" - RSF project No. 22-17-00249 for 2022-2024.