Egor Aleksandrovich Zelenin

Egor Aleksandrovich Zelenin. Lab of Neotectonics and Recent Geodynamics, GIN RAS Head of the Laboratory and senior researcher at Geological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Ph.D.

Research interests: active faulting, tephrochronology, paleoseismology, geomorphology, GIS, spatial databases, remote sensing, UAV-based photogrammetry.

Research areas: Kamchatka Peninsula, NW Pacific; Caucasus and the Armenian Highland.

My research is focused on paleoseismicity, spatial and temporal interaction of active tectonics and volcanism and based on remote sensing techniques, tephrochronology and age modeling.

In addition to regional tectonic studies, I contribute to design and population of geoscience databases, which make accessible the most relevant published data on:
- Holocene volcanism of Kamchatka and
- Active faults of Eurasia,
partially missed by scientific community as original data either published in Russian and have never been translated or exist in few hardcopies.

My accounts:

Office 415 at the GIN RAS,
Pyzhevsky lane 7, Moscow, 119017, Russia
+7 (495) 959-26-07

Main publications

Zelenin E.A, Bachmanov D.M., Garipova S.T., Trifonov V.G., Kozhurin A.I. The Active Faults of Eurasia Database (AFEAD): the ontology and design behind the continental-scale dataset // Earth System Science Data. 2022. vol. 14. p. 4489-4503

Zelenin E.A., Kozhurin A.I., Ponomareva V.V., Portnyagin M.V. Tephrochronological dating of paleoearthquakes in active volcanic arcs: A case of the Eastern Volcanic Front on the Kamchatka Peninsula (northwest Pacific) // Journal of Quaternary Science. 2020. V. 35. N. 1-2. P. 349-361

Portnyagin M.V., Ponomareva V.V., Zelenin E.A., Bazanova L.I., Pevzner M.M., Plechova A.A., Rogozin A.N., Garbe-Schönberg D. TephraKam: Geochemical database of glass compositions in tephra and welded tuffs from the Kamchatka volcanic arc (NW Pacific) // Earth System Science Data (ESSD). 2020. V. 12. P. 469-486

Pinegina T.K., Bourgeois J., Bazanova L.I., Zelenin E.A., Krasheninnikov S.P., Portnyagin M.V. Coseismic coastal subsidence associated with unusually wide rupture of prehistoric earthquakes on the Kamchatka subduction zone: A record in buried erosional scarps and tsunami deposits // Quaternary Science Reviews. 2020. V. 233. Art. 106171. P. 1-20

Pinegina T.K., Bazanova L.I., Zelenin E.A., Bourgeois J., Kozhurin A.I., Medvedev I.P., Vydrin D.S. Holocene Tsunamis in Avachinsky Bay, Kamchatka, Russia // Pure and Applied Geophysics. 2018. V. 175. N. 4. P. 1485-1506.

Ponomareva V.V., Portnyagin M., Pendea I.F., Zelenin E.A., Bourgeois J., Pinegina T.K., Kozhurin A.I. A full holocene tephrochronology for the Kamchatsky Peninsula region: Applications from Kamchatka to North America // Quaternary Science Reviews. 2017. Vol. 168. P. 101-122

Kozhurin A.I., Zelenin E.A. An extending island arc: The case of Kamchatka // Tectonophysics. 2017. Vol. 706–707. P. 91-102

Churikova T.G., Gordeychik B.N., Edwards B.R., Ponomareva V.V., Zelenin E.A. The Tolbachik volcanic massif: A review of the petrology, volcanology and eruption history prior to the 2012-2013 eruption // Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research. 2015. Vol. 307. P. 3-21

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