To users of the Active Faults of Eurasia Database

The use of the Active Faults of Eurasia Database for any purpose implies the following:

1. The database is a COMPILATION of published data of many researchers. Reference to the database as a data source is erratic – one must refer directly to the initial sources cited in the database for specific objects.

2. The database provides an index of CONFIDENCE for each entry, from high to extremely low. Each object of the database may be interpreted as an active fault only considering its confidence value. Note especially that CONF = ”C” indicates weak evidence for the activity of the fault, whereas CONF = ”D” may refer to absent evidence of activity.

3. The database is intended only for SYNTHETICAL analysis of active fault tectonics at a regional scale. The use of a database for local studies is appropriate only for identification and retrieval of initial sources, and reference to the database is relevant only when mentioning systematic collection of source publications.

Read the detailed description of the database for the reasoning behind these rules.